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i changed font and colors a bit ago and forgot to log it uhmm woops... yeah well it was Modern DOS for the font, and i just made everything green. i would like for the font to be pixelated, and for the text to be green..
but i didnt rlly like it so i went with arial and blue now. sorry to the brown palette and georgia that i stuck with for so long.

added stamps and gallery to about me yayyyy

added divs to every page to put the text in the left. may or may not have fucked a bunch of stuff up. MY BAD. i have the old code so atleast i can go back if i decide i hate my decision...

changed colors in about me, the doug shrine, the clint shrine, and the simulacra shrine. now they all have their own unique color palettes. changed font (only visible on windows), and updated icon since it didnt show in some pages.

added "Joe" to the list of my OCs

spent all day doing quizzes so that page got a bunchh of new stuff + slight redesign.

added James Hill to the list of my OCs, changed about me picture.

added a NEW SHRINE!!! LETS GOOO!!! a shrine for the simulacra series :)

changed colors, changed font. got rid of the game log, organized a few small things.

added Erik North to the list of my OCs

added Rose Westwood to the list of my OCs

created a new guestbook since 123guestbook is shutting down :(

updated music page, very big change from the old one.

changed colors of the whole site. and why it ourple

for april fools i made all the text on the site uppercase. yup i am lazy

created gamelog page, updated drawings page. thats all.

working on gamelog page to replace my old backloggd account, though i dunno if i want to make it. also working on a bday records page

added a page for my dog. thats it

added writing page and songs i like.

updated drawings page, working on adding a writing section.

updated drawings page, and enabled my profile page once again! yaay!! thats about it. ill work on adding more ocs to the oc page later

changed avatar. thats about it. still working on thoughts page (its finished but i think it needs more content before i put it out there)

happy valentines! today, i decided to get started on a 'thoughts' page. basically a blog, but shorter. i also decided to completely change the colors and font of the site. i know it looks reallyy boring now in comparison, but i like the simple design so.. woops.

you might have also noticed i removed my profile page. sorry about that, but it was making me nervous lol. if you have any comments you can use the guestbook for now :)

joined more webrings, added more links, messed with some stuff but you cant see that. working on a guestbook.

updated art page, changed the font. thats all :)

created quizzes page, organized folders, attempted to redesign art page and failed, created ocs page, updated a few things. ill try to remake the art page again tommorrow :')

COMPLETE REVAMP YUP. CHANGED EVERYTHING. mainly the looks of stuff since most of the text has remained the same. also organized the folders better :) go go go cade!!