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all of their toyhouse pages are linked, however keep in mind all my characters are currently set to authorized only so you may not be able to see them. sorry

coal westwood

Coal Westwood

fandom: wttg/dead signal
"alright... lets get this over with."
toyhouse page

retired famous actor and spokesperson of the noir cult. coal is a manipulative and money-minded guy who stole money from charity and then ran away to join adam. he is 34, an asshole, and sees himself and adam as superior to everyone else. he believes everyone else is inferior and borderline worthless.



fandom: batman
"knoock knooock.. whos there? im here."
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Noir is a man in his late 30s. morally grey, he puts himself above everyone and everything else, and doesnt value relationships or other people in general. he would do almost anything to gain power or money. he still has some morals..

hes fairly weak, but smart and sneaky enough to get away with the things he does. right now he works as a 'hitman' of sorts, and spends most of his time in his small apartment. despite his hatred for batman, he has a crush on bruce wayne. nothing too obsessive though.


Nathan Campbell

fandom: wttg/deadsignal
"pleasure doing business with you."
toyhouse page

an extravagant and egotistical game show host. he likes to screw people over, and has a messed up moral compass. he hosts a torture show in the deep web in wich he punishes people for their crimes with painful, entertaining games. hes very touchy and has an over-animated voice with a cheery smile, lighting up any room he walks into.


Evie Westwood

fandom: wttg/dead signal
"my... dad? what are you talking about?"
toyhouse page

Coal's only daughter. she never got to meet her father as Coal abandoned his wife before she gave birth. much to the disdain of her mother, Evie is just like her father. with the same stubborn, cocky attitude and charming face. Evie is arguably nicer than her old man.


Rose Westwood

fandom: wttg/dead signal
"partners in crime, forever!"
toyhouse page

Coal's wife and Evie's mother. they were highschool sweethearts before Coal lost his head and left her. Rose is a kind woman, with some slight anger issues. She enjoys science, gambling, and movies. Despite her hatred for Coal, she holds a soft spot for him. don't tell him she said that.

henri talbot

Henri Talbot

fandom: faith
"im not waiting all day."
toyhouse page

hes a cameraman who simply got involved with the faith plot by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. hes 30 year old, and a very caring friend. he protects himself by using the camera flash against demons. there isnt much else to him as of right now.



fandom: killer frequency
"arent you lovely, Forrest?"
toyhouse page

Mark is a 43 year old man that works at KFAM along with Forrest and Peggy. hes introverted and usually sticks to himself, not having many friends. he has a big temper, and usually directs his anger at Forrest. Mark grew up in gallows creek with his mother, never had many friends, and worked at ponty's pizza for a while before getting a job at the radio. he lives in a crappy apartment.

milo nesquik

Milo Nesquik

fandom: puppet combo
"l as in loser freak! bite me!"
toyhouse page

his last name isnt actually nesquik. general puppet combo oc, meaning he doesnt have much story since hes meant to fit in almost every game. he likes comic books and mac and cheese, and he usually hangs alone doing weird things on his own.



fandom: batman
"im not being edgy. the darkness does call to me!"
toyhouse page

bats, also known as william burr, is my batsona. basically started as "what if i was batman" and turned into this fucked up dude. hes a weirdo freak who makes too many sex jokes and doesnt take his job seriously. and other people dont take him seriously either.


vick "gs400"

fandom: d:bh
toyhouse page

detroit become human oc, an android designed for public security who ended up going deviant. i have barely written anything about him honestly but hes a silly guy.